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    Orders satuts

    [2008-7-6 9:56:00]
    Each order, our customer service staff will actively deal with, and follow up the situation indicate a certain stage, the order status will display important information: including order confirmation, payment information, schedule information processing, service status.
    Described as follows:
    [Order Processing] This is just the initial state of order
    [Has contacted Unconfirmed] We have tried to contact the purchaser, but the two sides failed to reach willingness on the order matters, pending further follow-up action;
    [Confirmed, waiting for a client paying] matter has confirmed the good order and wait for customer payments
    [Wait arrangement (payment has been received)] shall have received the order, we will arrange
    [Order arrangement (payment has been received)] orders have been arranged to local stores, waiting for delivery
    [Archive completed] order has been sent and has informed the purchaser
    [Refunded] orders can not be sent, refunded to the purchaser.
    Please pay attention to their order status, if found to have misuse must notify us that we may be remedied.