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    [2008-7-15 23:16:00]

    How does the process work?
    WindWish flowers are sent to you directly from the fields, which ensures that you are receiving the freshest flowers available. After being hand tied and arranged in our design center they are packaged in our custom, reinforced boxes and immediately shipped to you overnight via FedEx. 

    How can your prices be so good?
    WindWish success has been based on a simple, but revolutionary idea - ship flowers directly to you.

    This way, we eliminate many of the middlemen and costs of a typical florist. We share these savings with you. So you get beautiful flowers at a beautiful value.

    You save money that can be used for other items on your wedding budget.

    Can I change the color of the ribbons?
    At this time we are unable to customize ribbon color.  Our design specialists have chosen the most popular colors that coordinate beautifully with your flower color choice.

    Can I buy just stems or just one bouquet?
    We do not sell our gorgeous flowers by the stem or in bulk nor are our collections sold by the piece. We sell our flowers as collections that are numbered perfectly for the most exquisite weddings! 

    Can I tell you what I want my bouquet to look like?
    Our arrangements are offered in the styles shown. We always allow the bridal bouquet to be a separate color (if available) from the rest of the collection. 

    What happens if my flowers do not arrive, or if they are not perfect?
    We guarantee your satisfaction. To ensure youre happy with the flowers, we have a double back-up system in place.

    It is rare that we need to use it, but if your flowers are not perfect, heres how it works.

    First, we will ship replacement flowers to you overnight, free of charge. 
    Second, if for some reason, the replacement flower bouquets do not arrive - for example, lost in transit -- we will have the flowers provided by a local florist. We will cover any extra costs. 

    How will my flowers stay fresh if they arrive in time?
    WindWish ships its flowers directly to you. This means they get to you faster and fresher than flowers typically purchased at a florist or store. Since our flower bouquets get to you faster, they stay fresher longer. To ensure freshness, we also ship the flowers with water.

    How are the flowers delivered? 
    In order to guarantee the freshness of our products, our flowers are shipped fresh from the growers to your doorstep. Some selections, like potted plants and wreaths, are shipped via 2Day. Wrapped in cellophane, our flowers are shipped in a specially designed gift box to ensure freshness during delivery. Flowers are arranged as shown in our descriptions. Also enclosed are your personal message, flower food and a letter outlining the best way for the recipient to care for the flower or plant. (A vase may be added to most of our arrangements during the ordering process.)